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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Wounded by the Eagle

I currently hold about 55k EHT shares at an average price of 0.64.


I was briefly down 10K USD. Then the stock price rallied to settle around 0.53 - 0.54 range, narrowing my losses.

Suffice to say, my track record on bargain hunting is not that erm illustrious.  To put it mildly. 

I remain hopeful on EHT.  The SSH selling appears to have stopped (for now).  It is clear that retail investors remain apprehensive on EHT.  And who could blame them? 

And I might have been deeper in the hole, had it not been for the fact that I recently bought a home, which necessitated having liquid cash on hand.  It is time to say goodbye to renting.  I am done paying someone else's mortgage. Well technically, the expected TOP is 2023. So there would be a few more years of renting.

All in all, it has been an eventful month. I re-entered HKLand at 5.46 and re-sold 5.69, booking another small gain of 800 USD.  I also sold off Keppel entirely at 6.92 netting a S$2.1k gain including dividends (annualized return of about 6.3%). 

I am going to have to burn some cash for stamp duty and the 25% downpayment.  So although I have in mind a couple of seemingly juicy targets to acquire in this market, it appears that these purchases would have to wait. 

SIGH. Totally not looking forward to get back into debt. Part of me thinks that a resale HDB would have been the more finanically prudent choice.  But then again, the other part thinks what's the point of slogging so miserably for FI if I can't even reward myself with a quality of life at the lower end of the middle class spectrum?

No prizes for guessing which part of me won the debate.  So here I come years and years of mortgage debt!  BRING IT ON.

Nothing makes you love your job more than a sudden mountain of debt foisted upon your shoulders.

Onwards to FI friends!