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Thursday, May 23, 2019

DBS - a song of ice and FIRE

Oh how suddenly the mood has turned. Around one month ago, I had contemplated selling DBS. Before you know it, the window has closed and the tide has turned.

I am still up around 11% including the dividends, so it is not entirely doom and gloom. If DBS sinks further below the $24 mark, it might be a chance to accumulate more. The $24 mark is where DBS's $1.20 per share yield makes it a 5% yielding local SG bank. And history suggests that such occurrences are rare and one should never squander opportunities like these (thanks Trump!) to improve portfolio resilience.

Then again, you can never predict how much further Trump will take this trade war.  And whether the STI will end up looking like King's Landing after the Dragon Queen's wrath. Like Jon Snow, i know absolutely nothing. So do your own due diligence.

Onward to FI!  


  1. Fundamental strong solid company will withstand the waves. DBS is one. Thanks for sharing. Hail the Broken. 😁

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