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Thursday, September 19, 2019

I love Septembers

I love Septembers.

It is my birthday month.

My bonuses get paid this month.

It marks the end of Q3 of the calender year. Yet another stretch completed in the arduous journey toward FI.  I shall be tabulating the Q3 dividend earnings and overall portfolio in a separate post at the end of September.

It is also the month where a fair number of companies pay out yummy dividends, including First REIT and AIMSAPAC REIT. Together with my bonuses, the war chest gets a pretty healthy boost. 

What's not to like?

As icing on the cake, I also sold all my HKLand shares at 5.98 on 4 Sep, booking a small gain of 1.7k.  This was never meant to be a long term trade anyway. 

Currently on the look out for more deals in the market. 

Recent news concerning the strike on Saudi's oil facilities brought about a brief spike in oil prices. Keppel recovered briefly above the 6.2 mark but the momemtum was regrettably not sustained. I believe Keppel continues to be a defensive play due to its diversified income streams, and remains best-positioned to ride any O&M recovery wave.  I am cautiously optimistic.

The other counter I have been looking at is Eagle Htrust. After buying in at US$0.685, the share price has retreated further albeit slightly, and now hovers around the 0.66 - 0.67 range. The weakness is likely due to recent institutional sell downs of the share.  I remain contrarian on this counter. While the concerns regarding its Queen Mary hotel are not entirely unfounded, it is also notable that the the alarmist "ship at risk of sinking without repair" news have been erm, floating around, since 2017, and well,  the hotel remains erm afloat. 

Probutterfly actually did a pretty balanced write-up on this REIT here. Feel free to have a read. In summary, I believe the current share price provides a fair valuation and good yield, taking into account the REIT's potential asset and FX risk. But certainly not recommended for the risk-averse. 

Vested. DYODD.

Onward to FI!

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  1. Am too bought in lower lately. They should distribute their dividends earlier rather than later